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The Possibility of a Categorically Accurate Account of it

February 13, 2013


Torgauerstr., Schoeneberg. Where things used to be...

This past Monday when there was an unprecedented lull in work—and Max just happened to have a car for the day—we decided to take a trip ‘out west’ to Schoeneberg. We both get the jonesing every once in a while to walk around non-Kreuzberg-36 parts of town to refresh our memory or discover something new—re-jig […]

Art World Confessional: Interview with Chris Kraus

December 8, 2012


Chris Kraus photo credit Reynaldo Rivera

Originally published in Sleek Magazine  Chris Kraus is an indefinable amalgam of novelist, critic, artist, editor and mentor who, in the Nineties (“post MTV, pre-AOL”), pioneered a new sort of subjectivised criticism that blended personal experience with theory. She founded and co-edits the Native Agents series for theindependent press Semiotext(e) which publishes work by non-mainstream, mostly […]

Meaning is not grasping for the people who are grasping for meaning: Ray Johnson at Aurel Scheibler

March 7, 2012



Ray Johnson Aurel Scheibler November 12, 2011 through March 31, 2011 Interviewer: You mean, before you do a work you want it to express something? Ray Johnson: Well, it might be its function to not have meaning. I mean people might be grasping for meaning but meaning is not grasping for the people who are […]

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Sassy magazine, immaterial teen style labor, a Body without Organs, the zombie apocalypse and me

November 17, 2011


Mara circa 1993 web

When I was seventeen around 1993, I was convinced I could snag the title for the Sassiest Girl in America. According to the editor Jane Pratt, the winner would appear on the cover of Sassy magazine, and her “intelligence, wit, social responsibility, creativity and general sassiness” would also be awarded with “cash, fashions and jewelry”. I had a […]

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Art as Game: Play it Seriously

September 27, 2011



Truth is, lately, art gets me down. Or at least what it feels like it’s become in Berlin. Admittedly, I’m not a player. My email address might ring a bell for some art PR people or gallerists around town, but we don’t actually know each other. I’ve also got some artist acquaintances—in addition to being one […]


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